Friday, September 1, 2017

Labor Day is Here.

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. Locally the mercury won't notice as we are expecting some very warm temperatures this weekend. As for real estate, this marks the end of the summer seasonal peak for home activity and that means buyers that have been struggling to find a suitable property in their price range may get a little relief.

No we are not going to suddenly plunge into a buyer's market, but it is moving from a strong seller's market to a weak seller's market and that bodes well for frustrated buyers. The back to school time also tends to put some buyers in a holding pattern. Those buyers will to stay in the hunt may find substantially reduced competition from other buyers and sellers that may be willing to work on price or concessions that a few months ago were nigh impossible to negotiate.

Buck up buyers, this could be your moment. Enjoy the holiday weekend, stay cool, and don't give up, there is a home out there.

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