Friday, September 22, 2017

Views on the stingy dime...

I wrote a blog post earlier this week about Vancouver's "secret" view neighborhoods. Although secret may be a little 'strong' there are many places in America's Vancouver that offer pretty solid views with homes that are rather modest in design and price. Most often view property in Clark County, Washington is found in places like Prune Hill in Camas, or along the Evergreen Highway. These neighborhoods have large luxury homes with price tags that make tech tycoons blush.

But there are several spots in the area where small homes from the 1940s and 50s were built in the Heights and many offer excellent views, particularly when the view is facing north as it does in Harney Heights.

Here is that aforementioned blog post:

Originally posted on September 19th, 2017 on 'Enjoy the View' by Rod Sager 

Vancouver's Secret View Neighborhood

Photo from RMLS, sold home 2015 
A secret view society in the 'Couv', really? No not really, but there are a few places in Vancouver that are simply not noted for having views, but yet have great views. One of these "secret" neighborhoods is Harney Heights.

The broad area referred to as the "Heights" actually is composed of many neighborhoods including, South Cliff, Dubois Park, Evergreen Highlands, Northcrest, and several others as you move east towards Cascade Park. South Cliff and Dubois are rather spendy areas and many of the homes in that area feature spectacular views of the Columbia River and city lights. But Harney Heights is much less pretentious and the homes on the bluff are very reasonably priced when the view is taken into consideration.

Harney Heights is at the west end of the "Heights" area and is immediately east of Vancouver's Central Park area. Most of the homes in Harney heights are WWII and mid century designs. They are mostly modest homes and the vast majority do not feature a view. But all of the homes along the bluff that overlooks Fourth Plain Village have a nice view to the North and many offer a surprisingly breathtaking view of the Mighty Mount Saint Helens. These homes are only about 100 feet higher than the valley floor but the bluff is very steep and it is enough to see over the top of most of the trees in the area.

The result is a pretty nice view of the Cascades including our favorite angry volcano and the surrounding terrain. Of course the night time view will feature all the city lights from the scores of neighborhoods in Northeast Vancouver.

These homes are not terribly expensive. They are generally smaller homes with less than 1600 square feet and many are classic bungalows. The ones with views like the photo will of course fetch a premium, they are still rather affordable many with prices in the $300k range.

Whether you are on the south side of the Heights or taking advantage of deals to north, enjoy the view.

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