Friday, September 8, 2017

Market Feels a Touch Softer

The market continues to produce a surplus of buyers but sellers seem to be a little more abundant as well. This is a much needed counter balance to the heavy seller's market conditions we saw just six months ago. The MLS is reporting very steady conditions and sales have been flat. Not flat in a bad way but rather just not accelerating like they have been the last few years. This is a healthy market. Buyers have a bit more room to work as more properties are available and multiple offers are not quite as aggressive.

Well priced homes will still get a swarm of offers but homes overpriced will sit a while. Clark County is cranking out around 800 sales a month and that is nothing to sneeze at. Listings are starting to come in and buyers can now actually be a little more selective. It is a still a solid seller's market so buyers shouldn't get too cocky. A nice clean offer is probably the best approach. Don't burden the seller with a complicated purchase and sale agreement. Simple rules the day.

This is a great market we have here and I look forward to a continued steady sales trend that is sustainable over the long haul.  

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