Friday, July 27, 2018

Economy Should Keep Demand up on Real Estate

The latest economic numbers are out and the second quarter produced a strong 4.1% annualized expansion rate. This is going to increase consumer and commercial confidence as well as job expansion. These kinds of economic conditions almost always benefit the real estate market.

Although interest rates have been creeping up all year long it cannot be overstated that rates remain well below the established 50 year average. Long term mortgages continue to offer excellent investment opportunity in both residential and commercial real estate with a cheap cost of money value proposition.

In our local market we still have a shortage of apartments and that shortage is being addressed with massive numbers of units under construction right now. More locally, Vancouver USA has a variety of apartments from luxury units to affordable units coming online to alleviate tremendous pressure on the rental market. That may make some of the owners of older complexes tear up as they may actually have to return to more market rates as these newer units come online.

In the resale homes market I am continuing to see more new listings than new pending sales and that indicates a trend towards more inventory. These things take time to develop especially when considering that the Portland - Vancouver Metro area has had one of the tightest inventories of rentals and resale properties in the whole country over the last few years. 

If the trend plays out to the end of the year buyers will have the upper hand across all price segments except the ultra tight sub $300k range. As long as the economy continues to produce strong gains and employment remains at or near full levels, the real estate market will enjoy success. I do hope we can continue with this trend of 3% or better growth quarter in and quarter out. It all bodes well for real estate and life in general.

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