Friday, August 7, 2020

Crazy Market under $400k

 Buyers trying to find a house under $400k are going to meet a lot of other buyers doing the same thing. Down around $300k it is a zoo with multiple offers over asking the norm rather than the exception. With the Clark County Median home price right near $400k that is the new "sub-median" line.

Although COVID 19 has claimed many jobs the real estate market continues to be hot. Lenders are looking closely at buyers but when things align the loan rates are very low and that mean more buyers can afford a house despite the rising prices. This puts pressure on that entry level market.

But for the first time in a fair while, new homes are available in the sub-median price range. A brand new home for under $400k? Yes, not a lot of options, but they are out there. Before you run off to that shiny new subdivision be mindful that new home sin the sub median price range will be attached housing or at best a very small house on a tiny lot. The resale market can still deliver a small house on a big lot, and for many who seek some stretching room, that is the perfect ticket.

Did you ever think you'd see the day that a 800 SF 'Kaiser Cottage' would be fetching $300k? Well that day is here some of then are and they are getting snatched right up at those lofty prices. 2.5% interest rates on 30 year fixed loans will make a market out of thin air!

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