Friday, August 28, 2020

The Heights is Still a Great Area

Vancouver's Heights has been around for decades and it has remained a solid place to live. The Heights is actually a broad coalition of neighborhoods from the vintage upscale Dubois Park and South Cliff to the more modest areas such as Harney Heights and Northcrest. This area is also the focus of the next great redevelopment zone for the city, simply and aptly named "The Heights District." 

This new district will include the entire Tower Mall area where MacArthur meets Mill Plain east ro Andresan. This will be a new urban center designed to create an effective center of town feel while maintaining the mostly suburban feel of the existing neighborhoods. 

I wouldn't underestimate Vancouver's resolve on this. From the complete renovation of Esther Short, the bold Columbia Shores and the the shiny new Waterfront, Vancouver has been bring its 'A' game to the development of older areas. The existing neighborhoods offer a wide variety of opportunities from multi-million dollar mansions overlooking the Columbia to some classic Kaiser cottages from WWII.

These classic neighborhoods invoke more emotions and charm than many modern developments that tend to strip out native vegetation in favor a more systematic approach to greenery. I like the "mature" neighborhoods with those shady tree line streets and private yards. Vancouver's Heights area covers many neighborhoods and thousands of homes so there is something for every one. And someday fairly soon there will be a new urban district for the Heights as well.

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