Friday, September 3, 2021

Just when I thought things were quieting down

I listed a house in Battleground this week at a price I thought was fair and on point. It was NOT priced for quick sale or to create and auction environment. I figured we would have a steady drip of buyers looking and pick up an offer or two in a week. Sure I put my blitz marketing on as hard as usual, but the tsunami of buyers and offers was rather amazing. 

This market still has a frenzied group of buyers looking for nice clean homes in the mid-price range. Locally a half million dollars is still a mid-range home, but that is quickly slipping towards the entry level.

A thick stack of offers is a good thing and I suppose the "slowdown" was all in my head. Buyers will swarm to clean, move-in ready homes and this house is proof positive our market is still sizzling. 

Buyers you have to be ready to make concessions and not just coming in with a bigger price. Sometimes the terms matter. Letting the seller have a few bonus days to get out after close, or coming in with shorter contingency periods for inspections and loan closing. As hard as it is to be a buyer right now, sellers are in the same predicament when they sell they typically become a buyer.

So here's to the second half of 2021 and a continuation of our robust market, hopefully some extra inventory will fill in the gaps and take some heat off of buyers.

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