Friday, September 17, 2021

Local Government Policy Impacts Neighborhood Values

All too often Americans tend to focus on the big National Elections like every fours for President, and six years for US Senators and the bi-annual election of US House Reps. But the Mayor, City Council and State legislators are every bit as important and sometimes MORE important.

Pay attention to those local candidates and what they are saying, because your property values can be significantly moved for better or worse depending on the things local officials try to mandate or eliminate. For example the homeless situation. Many governments are making decisions that seem to encourage homelessness rather than discourage it.

Your neighborhood values will crash faster than car with its brakes failed if the homeless start camping nearby. Cities often tend to push the homeless out of nicer areas and into more modest neighborhoods which is neither fair nor appropriate. yet they do it. It seems the wealthy donors can get rid of the problem by dumping it into someone else's neighborhood.

Government officials that claim to be "compassionate" to the homeless are often the ones passing regulations that enable people to live on the streets rather than incentives for them to get a job and have a more stable housing situation.

I certainly do not have all the answers, but I will say one only need to travel around in Portland to see what NOT TO DO.

Here in Vancouver USA we have our mayoral election in off years including 2021. Unfortunately odd year general elections have much lower turnout. Madam Mayor Anne is up for reelection in November. I suggest everyone living in the city proper pay attention to all the candidates positions on various issues. No matter what happens at the State or National level, your property values are most affected by local officials and your property is likely the largest asset you have. Pay attentional and for heaven's sake VOTE! 

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